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At k4, we take pride in being able to help our customers. We are a small business and we know that small businesses value every sales lead they get. Having a professional looking website that is easy for potential customers to find and navigate helps small business stay competitive. Often times, the only thing that keeps a small business from being successful is making connections with potential customers and generating sales leads, and the internet is a great tool to assist with this. On this page you will find a list of some of the clients we have helped and how our services have benefited them. It is one thing to say that our services are worth their cost, but much easier to see when you look at some of our previous clients!


Keegan's Puppies



What They Do

Keegan's Puppies is a small business that specializes in raising toy breed dogs for pets.

What We Did

Prior to reaching out to us, Keegan's Puppies had a website but was struggling to keep it updated and directing traffic to their site. We completely revamped their website, incorporating a sleek, user friendly design and simplified methods of contact, in addition to a waiting list to compile sales leads. We also incorporated a database into their website and used the database to drive updates to their website as well as store information, such as sales leads. We built an online management system for their database to simplify common website updates. We incorporated new forms of media, such as YouTube videos in addition to pictures to provide additional details on their available puppies. Once the website was built, we incorporated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase traffic as well as helping them set up online marketing to drive visitors during peak need.

How They Benefited

The updated design of their website provided a professional overview for potential customers, encouraging more sales leads. They relayed to us that many customers commented on how professional their website was after we were done, and they felt this led to more sales. The online management system for their database greatly simplified updates to their website; previously they would struggle just to get descriptions and pictures of puppies on their website, and now they were able to easily update descriptions, pictures and incorporate videos of each puppy on their website. Because of the success of their website, Keegan's Puppies was able to stop using a broker to facilitate sales and instead made 100% of their sales through contacts created through their website and repeat business. This allowed them to return more profit on each sale, since they eliminated the broker that would take a cut of each sale they had been making.